Your Reimbursement Potential
Is Greater Than
You Think.

When you start your next shift, optimal RVU generation will likely not be your top priority.  In Emergency Medicine, dedicating our time towards charting is frequently viewed as unworthy.

Every year tens of millions of dollars are left on the table by Emergency Medicine physicians as a result of inadequate documentation.  Shortfalls in information provided by clinicians results in shortfalls in billing by our coders.

You can optimize your reimbursement for the best.  Increase your RVUs right with your next shift.  Learn how to excel in Emergency Medicine with Chart Optima.  Examine our free tutorials, evaluate this site for yourself, and then sign-up today.

Our Vision to Empower You:

Our vision is for Emergency Medicine providers to eliminate the downcoding of their charts and receive the appropriate compensation for the services they provide.

Document better, Reimburse better  –  this is the key to your success.

Many encounters never reach their full reimbursement potential.  Your coders can only code with the information available to them in a chart.

Learning through Chart Optima, you can change all that.

We empower Emergency Medicine clinicians to excel in regards to their reimbursement.

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Here’s What You Can Expect:

With Chart Optima, you’ll possess the ideal resource to empower yourself and optimize the return for the care you provide.

Over 35 high-yield reimbursement tutorials are ready for you  …  “24 / 7”  –  365 days / year.

You’ll encounter easy to read vignettes loaded with layers of information which will teach you the skills you need to chart and reimburse optimally.

Using this site, you won’t have to worry about time-dependent, constraint-based learning.

These tutorials can be viewed in 5 to 10 minute spurts any time that is convenient for you.

Put aside the education when you need to, and then revisit at a later time  –  you’ll set the pace.

Your access to Chart Optima also includes our Ongoing Weekly Email Series.

With this informative email series, you’ll keep optimal reimbursement in the forefront 52 weeks a year.

Created for Emergency Medicine:

Chart Optima was created for Emergency Medicine physicians by Emergency Medicine physicians.

You’ll learn how to document and reimburse optimally, not how to code.

The job of coding remains with the coders, and the practice of medicine stays with the clinicians.

Our tutorials and email series convey real world applications.

Chart Optima’s tutorials are based on CMS Guidelines for Evaluation and Management,  Marshfield Clinic Grid,  AMA CPT 2022,  and ICD-10-CM guidelines.

This site provides practical examples of how to improve your charting for the best.

You need only to “measure twice, and sew once” when it comes to the care of your patients.

The appropriate reimbursement will follow.

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Your Paradigm Shift Starts Today:

If you’re unsure of the impact your documentation has on reimbursement, you’re not alone.

Many clinicians overlook or underestimate the role they have in realizing their appropriate reimbursement.

Learn our tutorials, and discover a new perspective.  Your reimbursement can excel through your charting.

Tutorials within this site address common misconceptions that clinicians have in regards to the way they view and approach their charting.

You’ll also find the rationale behind meeting the requirements of documentation.

Most importantly, you’ll find insight into the true value of the work you do.

Chart Optima provides unique tutorials which highlight the value of unrealized revenue that can be properly obtained by avoiding downcoding.

The foundational emphasis being on “optimize” rather than “maximize.”

Position Yourself to Succeed:

With the implementation of MACRA, your documentation in Emergency Medicine is now more important than ever.

Whether you participate in the MIPS or an APM collaborative, your charting plays a pivotal role in establishing the value of the work you do.

In regards to 2022, Medicare fee-for-service payments will be adjusted once again for all physicians under MIPS depending on a variety of performance measures.

These include quality,  resource use,  clinical practice improvement,  and advancing care information.

This being stated, CPT codes and their associated RVU metrics solidly form the foundation on which these adjustments will be made.

Your reimbursement relies on highlighting the medical necessity,  risk and complexity,  and severity of illness for the care you provide.

Using Chart Optima, develop the solid foundation you need to succeed in our evolving, ever-challenging healthcare environment.

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