Cardiac Monitor Interpretations

These exemplify the merits of high yield Emergency Medicine charting and reimbursement.

Cardiac monitor interpretations are reimbursed by many insurance carriers as separately reported billable procedures.

CPT code 93042  –  0.20 R.V.U.s  –  $6.98 per cardiac monitor interpretation.

Based on 1 RVU  =  $34.89,  2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule  /  RVU Conversion Factor.

(Precise amount,  geographic specific)

For Cardiac Monitor Interpretation Reimbursement,  3 Steps are Required:

1.  An order for the cardiac monitor must be placed by the provider.

It is not enough to just review a monitor that a nurse applied to a patient without a charted order.

2.  An interpretation must be made of rhythm and rate.

“The cardiac monitor revealed atrial fibrillation with a heart rate in the 130s as interpreted by me.”

3.  TheA reason for the cardiac monitor should be documented.

“The patient presented with lightheadedness & the cardiac monitor was ordered to monitor for dysrhythmia.”

The Service and Documentation Process should Look Like This:

  • Order placed for cardiac monitor.
  • “The cardiac monitor revealed normal sinus rhythm with heart rate in the 80s as interpreted by me.  The patient presented with chest pain and the cardiac monitor was ordered to monitor for dysrhythmia.”

Good Charting can Make a Big Difference with RVUs.

Have some skepticism?  Consider the following …

If each Physician at a site Documents 8 Cardiac Monitor Interpretations per Shift:

8 cardiac monitor interprets / shift $ 55.84 =  Amount per provider per shift
6 “main-side” shifts / day $ 335.04 =  Generated at the site in 1 day
365 days / year $122,289 =  Realized at the site in 1 year

$122,289.00 could be generated from the proper documentation of cardiac monitor interpretations alone at one site in 1 year.

The compensation realized from cardiac monitor interpretations is just one example of the benefits of quality charting by EM clinicians.

It is important to realize this reimbursement does not occur simply because a provider is aware that reimbursement for cardiac monitor interpretations exists.

Quality Documentation is More Than Just Filling up a Chart with Words.

Specific details of the service provided need to be noted.

Part of the key to achieving optimal reimbursement is being systematic in your charting and covering all of the important details of the service you have provided.

This is not intuitive for most providers.

The process of Optimizing Emergency Medicine Reimbursement has its foundation on Chart Optima’s “Top 10 Reimbursement Tutorials” for this very reason.

The above Cardiac Monitor interpretation lesson is found in our “List all Diagnostics” tutorial.  Part of our top 10, though containing many other pearls within itself as well.

Be systematic and complete in your charting,  every chart, every time,  and optimal results will follow.

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