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Emergency clinicians,  this site is for you:

  • You’ll learn how to optimize your reimbursement for the best.
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Your Solid Foundation  –  Our  “Top 10”  Tutorials:

  • These ground-breaking tutorials are within our first two teaching modules.
  • Develop an efficient, systematic approach to your Emergency Medicine charting and reimbusement.
  • Beyond this, you’ll learn from additional teaching modules  –  each containing its own high-yield content.
  • Over 35 Emergency Medicine specialized tutorials are available through our website.

Teaching modules within our site include:

  • “Foundational Elements of Reimbursement”
  • “Medical Decision Making Elements of Reimbursement”
  • “High Yield RVU Generation  –  Part I”
  • “High Yield RVU Generation  –  Part II”
  • “Critical Care”

  • “ICD-10-CM and Emergency Medicine”
  • “Transform Your Thinking”
  • “Eliminating the Pitfalls of Documentation”
  • “Dollars and Sense”

Learn how to thrive in Emergency Medicine:

  1.  Develop the skills you need to achieve optimal reimbursement.
  2.  Efficiently detail areas of high-yield RVU production.
  3.  Eliminate common pitfalls, and excel in your charting.
  4.  Transform your thinking in regards to how you approach your documentation.

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We deliver sound principles based on CMS Documentation Guidelines,  Marshfield Clinic Grid,  AMA CPT 2022 and ICD-10-CM guidelines.

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