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increase your revenue $48,000 annually.

  • Don’t overlook the value of your Critical Care.
  • Achieve optimal reimbursement.  (2022 : CPT 99291  =  
    $ 219.08)
  • Develop the skills needed to excel with your RVUs.
  • Learn how to reimburse  –  Our 5 week Critical Care series is ready for you.

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Your Reimbursement Does Matter.

  • For a 60,000 pt / yr ED facility, optimizing Critical Care by just 2% can increase your revenue $48,000 annually.
  • Critical Care is simply one area where quality documentation can make the difference in the reimbursement you receive.
  • In Emergency Medicine, charting plays a key role in detailing the service and highlighting the value of our care.
  • Optimal Documentation facilitates Optimal Reimbursement.

Learn the process … Develop the skills … The merits will follow.

Remember, serious patients require serious documentation.

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